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Confirming an order requires that a customer registers him-/herself. The customer has to give name, date of birth, home address, postal code, city, state, email address and phone number. The customer register of e-store is confidential and e-store commits itself not to hand over the details to third parties. e-store has a possibility to use the customer�s email address given to direct marketing only if the customer has given him-/herself approval. By registering the customer allows e-store to use the details to direct marketing otherwise than via email (e.g. by post). e-store reserves the right to be not responsible if the customer�s information fall into knowledge of outsiders because of the independent violent data trespass reasons, e.g. if there happens cracking to a server that a personnel of finntimo.comi e-store could not prevent. The customer him-/herself is responsible of his/her own user identification and is obliged to change a password if he/she doubts that an outsider has gotten it to his/her knowledge. e-store reserves the right to alter this notice without informing its customers.

The register specification (HetiL 523/99, 10 �)

The manager of the register
T:mi Timo Makinen,
Raha, Antiikki ja Arviointi
Palokankaantie 54
43800 Kivijarvi
Tel. +358451217790
VAT no. FI20264687

The person responsible for the register
Timo Makinen

The name of the register customer register

The usage of the register
The register is meant for handling service relationships between e-store and its customers. The register will not be used to electronic direct marketing without a customer�s approval.

The registered information
Personal information of a user (names, date of birth)
Contact details of a user (address, phone number, fax, email address)
Approval of newsletter (direct marketing via email)
Order information
Products ordered
Date of an order
Order history

Transfer of information and secrecy
Information will not be transferred to third parties at any circumstances. The information has been saved to a server system of an external supplier and the personnel of the supplier have an access to the information in addition to e-store�s personnel.

Further information about our customer register and policy can be asked from the address